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Old Clay Pipe Drains Can Be Broken Down by Tree Roots and Time

lining sewage with plastic pipes

Clay pipe has been used as buried sewer line in the United States since the beginning of the twentieth century. Over time, moisture, shifting soil, and tree roots can cause tiny cracks in clay pipe and may lead to collapse as the years progress. If your sewer line needs a regular snaking to clear clogs […]

4 Plumbing Myths to Avoid

Blocked toilet needs a plumber.

Your plumbing system is one of the most essential components of your home. Plumbing is important because it is responsible for bringing clean water into the residence and carrying wastewater out. But in order for your plumbing system to operate efficiently, it must be taken care of properly. Read on to reveal four plumbing myths […]

4 Signs It’s Time to Drain Your Water Heater

Plumber fixing an hot-water heater

Providing hot water for household tasks like showers and laundry, water heaters are vital components of any home. If not well maintained, your water heater can suffer damage that drastically reduces its efficiency and lifespan. To keep your heater in good shape, it needs periodic draining. If left unchecked, sediment and debris buildup can cause […]

Some Maintenance Tips to Support Your Winter Water Heater

House water heating boiler with pump, ball valves and filters

Like other appliances in your home, winter puts extra stress on your water heater. Cold air makes it that much harder to heat water, and you may have guests in your home who stay for the duration of the holidays. Your faucets, showers, dishwasher, and washing machine are going to get a workout this season, […]

Reasons Drain Cleaning Should Be On Your Holiday Prep List

3 Reasons Why Drain Cleaning Is a Must Before the Holiday Season With the holiday season rapidly approaching, you have a lot of things on your to-do list. In between plans for meals, decorations, and gifts, there is one thing that you may not have thought about but should include — having your drains cleaned […]

3 Tips for Dealing With Hard Water

A glass of water, lemon, and ice. Water splash, storm in a glass of water. Round monochrome gradient background.

Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals and is measured in grains of minerals per gallon or parts per million. Soft water measures 0 – 17.1 ppm, slightly hard water measures 17.1 – 60 ppm, moderately hard water measures 60 – 120 ppm, hard water measures 120 – 180 ppm, and very hard water […]