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Drain Cleaning In Lincoln, NE

When you discover a clogged drain in your home, you feel your stress level instantly increase. Every task becomes more time-consuming and challenging when water is not draining correctly from a sink, tub, or shower. But rather than wasting hours of your valuable time and money on drain cleaning liquids, make the smart call to (402) 944-1997 for professional drain cleaning in Lincoln. The Select Plumbing team has been providing quality Lincoln drain cleaning for years. And has a proven track record and thousands of satisfied customers thanks to its drain-safe and effective Lincoln drain cleaning methods.

Professional Solutions For Clogged Drains In Lincoln

When you call Select Plumbing at (402) 944-1997, our crew responds promptly to ensure that a small clog does not become a more severe issue that floods your home with dirty water. Once onsite, it will only take a few minutes for our pros to determine the location of the clog and how we are going to eliminate it using the images from our small waterproof camera. Deploying the camera into a clogged drain quickly provides clear images of the clog and the condition of the drain lines to help our licensed plumbers determine the best process to remove the clog and your stress. From minor clogs that can be removed with a plumbing snake to massive blockages that require a drain auger, the Select Plumbing experts will use the right tools to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

What Causes Most Clogged Drains In Lincoln

Sadly, most Lincoln clogged drains could have been avoided. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the common hazards that can create a nasty drain clog. The team at Select Plumbing would like to share a few tips to help community members avoid drain clogs in the future and the potential of costly water damage when a sink or tub overflows.

Kitchen sinks see many clogs because of misuse of garbage disposals. These devices are meant to grind up small pieces of food that enter the drain when rinsing dishes and cookware. Large pieces of food waste are the quickest way to clog a kitchen drain. So scrape food waste into the trashcan to eliminate kitchen drain clogs.

The other nemesis of kitchen drains is grease. Grease and used cooking oil coat the inside of drain lines and create a sticky residue that traps other debris, creating a clog. Placing grease and oil in a jar and then into the trashcan will prevent many costly kitchen drain clogs.

Finally, never allow hair or bits of trash to wash down the drain in bathroom sinks or tubs. These foreign objects are sure to trap other debris and create tough clogs. Placing a mesh screen over drains in all bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers will help eliminate drain clogs and costly floods for around a dollar a screen.

When you discover a slow to clear or clogged drain, call Select Plumbing at (402) 944-1997. The faster we arrive, the less potential for a flood of dirty water in your home or damage to your home’s drain lines.