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Sewer Lines In Lincoln, NE

Few problems around your home carry the urgency of a clogged or leaking sewer line. The thought of raw sewage in your home or yard is far from pleasant. However, many homeowners have no idea what created the potential sewage flood and whom to trust for a fast and affordable resolution. But the answer to this vital question is Select Plumbing. With over 60 years of combined experience in Lincoln sewer line repair and sewer line replacement in Lincoln and the surrounding communities, these experts will locate the issue quickly and provide you with affordable repair or replacement options when you call (402) 944-1997.

Why Did Your Sewer Line Fail?

Once the reality of a sewer line problem sinks in, homeowners want to know how they could have damaged this pipe that should be nearly indestructible. In almost every case, the Select Plumbing crew can attribute a sewer line problem to one of three culprits:
It is important to remember that nothing lasts forever, even a sewer line. In addition, there are several ways that a sewer line could sustain physical damage, including an aggressive tree root, an errant strike from a shovel, impact from a piece of heavy equipment, or even shifting soil from a flood or seismic event. Finally, a sewer line clog could result from a tree root invasion, flushing a foreign object, or a massive wad of toilet paper that did not disintegrate. Luckily, the licensed plumbers at Select Plumbing can correct all of these problems when you call (402) 944-1997.

Locating Concealed Sewer Line Problems

Select Plumbing believes in using technology and modern equipment to quickly locate and resolve any sewer line problems at your home. The initial step is to deploy a tiny waterproof camera into the sewer line to find leaks, pipe damage, or clogs. From the real-time images transmitted by the camera, our experts know if a Lincoln sewer line repair will be your most effective solution or if the entire pipe has damage and will require a Lincoln sewer line replacement for long-term success. Our experts are available to provide many services and inspections, including

Putting Our Expertise And Equipment To Work For You

When a customer needs to have a sewer line repaired in Lincoln, the Select Plumbing team works diligently to get the job done as fast and affordably as possible. From utilizing our cameras to locate the problem to excavating with equipment that is exponentially faster than digging with shovels, we focus on saving time in order to save you money.

In the event of severe damage to your home’s entire sewer line, our pros will also use the equipment for excavation whenever possible. Even if we need to replace piping under a paved surface like a driveway or sidewalk, we use directional drilling equipment to complete the process more rapidly and without destroying costly features on your property.

So when you discover a sewer line issue, call the hometown pros at Select Plumbing at (402) 944-1997 for fast and affordable solutions backed by decades of experience.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Letting an experienced professional inspect your sewer line allows you to know what exactly is happening to your sewer system. Turn to the team at Select Plumbing today! We’ll check for tree roots that may clog your system and broken lines that may cause unpleasant odor and backflow. If you’re repeatedly experiencing slow drains or clogs, you can rely on us for quality video inspection and locating services to accurately determine where the blockage is in your sewer. Call us today for FREE estimates!