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lining sewage with plastic pipes

Old Clay Pipe Drains Can Be Broken Down by Tree Roots and Time

Clay pipe has been used as buried sewer line in the United States since the beginning of the twentieth century. Over time, moisture, shifting soil, and tree roots can cause tiny cracks in clay pipe and may lead to collapse as the years progress. If your sewer line needs a regular snaking to clear clogs and get rid of tree roots, it may be time to consider replacement.

Pros of Clay Pipe Use

Clay pipe is cheap to produce and fairly easy to lay, though much heavier than plastic or PVC pipe. You can still get vitrified or heated clay sewer pipe for a new sewer line installation.

The interior of clay pipe is hearty and resistant to chemicals, water, and waste. It won’t break down from the inside, though it is subject to invasion from exterior forces. If your property is older and there are many trees over the clay pipe that runs from the sewer to your home, you will likely have to deal with a root invasion at some point.

If you are having trouble with your sewer line, it’s time for a diagnosis of the issue. Once you know what’s going on, you can choose the best repair.

Cons of Clay Pipe Use

Older clay pipes break down over time. Getting your line cleaned out and checked by a camera is the simplest way to determine what is causing the problems and how bad the issue is.

Previously, a failing clay pipe line had to be dug up from the house to the main to find the problem. The line would then be replaced at the same time. Now, you can hire a skilled plumber to scope out the issue with a diagnostic camera. These cameras can help you pinpoint the source of the problem and choose a less invasive repair.

If your clay pipe sewer line is in good shape but tree roots are causing a blockage at a particular point, you have options. You may choose to have that section of clay pipe replaced and the offending tree either cut back or removed. You may choose to have the entire pipe relined to prevent further issues. You may choose to chemically treat your sewer pipe to repel roots.

Should you find that the entire line is starting to fail, trenching and re-piping may still be necessary. A failing clay pipe will lose integrity and may cause destructive backups in your home.

If you’re having plumbing problems in your Lincoln, NE residence, contact us at Select Plumbing for a detailed diagnosis of the problem and a plan for fixing it.