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A plumber is performing maintenance on a residential water heater

Fall Is a Great Time to Flush Your Water Heater

Your water heater is one of the unsung heroes in the home. Day after day, it does its job, and it hardly ever gets a break since people are constantly taking showers and using the faucets. In Lincoln, NE, people have a variety of water heaters, and whether you own a traditional one or a tankless model, it will need to be flushed periodically. Many people in the industry recommend that you have this task completed at least once a year.

What Does Flushing Do?

Flushing a standard water heater removes any sediment or other material that may have gathered at the bottom of the tank. Over time, calcium and minerals can be brought in by the water, and they can settle at the bottom. The heating element in a water heater is also at the bottom of the tank, and when there’s a layer of material that blocks it from the water, the heating element has to work overtime to get its job done. You might see higher utility bills if you don’t have your tank flushed, and sediment could even start to come out of your faucets. There’s also the potential that pipes could burst or crack or that the tank could start to wear down if the sediment becomes too much.

Tankless water heaters don’t come with large tanks, but they still have heating chambers. These chambers can also get filled with sediment and will have to be flushed occasionally.

Our team at Select Plumbing is ready to help anyone in the Lincoln area with water heater services. We’ll make sure your equipment is dealt with expertly.

Put It in Your Schedule

People in Lincoln have a lot going on. Whether it’s work, family obligations, or something else, it seems that there are always many items on the to-do list. If you can’t remember the last time you had your water heater flushed, it has been too long. You’re certainly not alone, as we know from our experience helping this community. To make sure you don’t forget, put it on your calendar. Every fall, when you’ve settled into a routine after a summer that was filled with fun and adventures, make sure you have this job taken care of. When you’re home and waiting out a storm, you’ll really want to be able to have hot water readily available.

Offering Our Assistance

The fall can be a good time to flush your water heater to remove sediment that may hamper its ability to do its job. Call Select Plumbing today to set up your appointment.