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Common Sewer Line Problems Homeowners Face and Steps to Prevent Them

The sewer line, a vital yet often overlooked component of your plumbing system, removes wastewater to make certain that your environment remains clean and sanitary. However, like any infrastructure, sewer lines can encounter problems that disrupt their functionality. Fortunately, by implementing preventative measures, many of these problems can be readily avoided. Here is a look at the most common sewer line problems homeowners encounter and steps for preventing them.

Grease Accumulation

Grease, cooking oil and fats solidify upon cooling, and they will then adhere to the interior walls of sewer pipes. Over time, this buildup narrows the pipe diameter and hinders water flow. This will increase the likelihood of clogs. It is essential to dispose of grease and cooking oils by throwing them into the trash after they cool down to prevent this gradual buildup.

If your household generates a significant amount of cooking grease, consider installing a grease trap. This device captures grease before it enters the sewer line to prevent buildup and potential clogs.

Improper Disposal of Foreign Objects

Sewer lines are not designed to handle all materials that may be flushed or poured down drains. Items such as feminine hygiene products, paper towels, coffee grounds and kitty litter can cause blockages if they do not readily break down. Only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. All other materials should be disposed of in the trash to prevent blockages caused by improper disposal.

Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots are naturally drawn to water sources. If a sewer line has cracks or leaks, tree roots may infiltrate the pipes and cause blockages and potentially damage the line itself. Having a professional plumber regularly inspect and maintain the integrity of your sewer line is vital to prevent root intrusion. You should schedule these inspection calls once each year.

You should also regularly trim tree branches that hang close to your house to minimize the risk of root intrusion into your sewer line. Maintaining a safe distance between trees and your sewer system is essential for long-term functionality.

Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning

In addition to an inspection for maintaining the integrity of your sewer line, schedule a professional drain cleaning appointment once each year. This preventative maintenance allows for a plumber to identify and remove potential clogs before they become a major issue.

By understanding the common causes of sewer line problems and implementing preventative measures, you can maintain a healthy and functional drainage system for your home. If you have not had sewer line maintenance or inspections yet this year, contact Select Plumbing in Lincoln, NE straight away.