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Common Plumbing Problems to Watch Out for in the Fall

The fall season is a fun time of year. People gather to go apple picking, run through corn mazes, and drink apple cider. Along with the fun, fall can bring plumbing problems. If these problems are not addressed, they can become catastrophic. The following are some common problems that crop up during the fall season.

Blocked Drains

Plumbing blockages can occur when leaves fall and make their way into your pipes. Once there is enough of an accumulation of leaves, traces of grease adhere to them and solidify due to the colder temperatures. Clogs become severe, and backups result. Have a plumber thoroughly inspect and clean your plumbing system and install a drain cover to keep debris from entering your pipes. Also, make a regular habit of keeping leaves and branches away from the foundation of your home.

Garbage Disposal Issues

Many people host large gatherings with friends and family in their homes. Food is common at these gatherings, increasing the likelihood of a significant amount of debris going down the garbage disposal. Severe clogs can develop in your garbage disposal, or there can be damage to the blades. A plumber can help remove the clogs, replace the blade, or install a new garbage disposal if needed.

Water Not as Hot

During the fall, temperatures are considerably cooler than in the summer. Since this is the case, your water heater needs to work harder to supply you with hot water, and this can put your water heater at risk of failing. Have a plumber inspect your water heater to ensure it is working at peak performance, and ask about slightly raising the temperature of the water. Depending on the location of the pipes that lead to your water heater, you will want to consider insulating them.

Frozen Pipes

While fall weather is typically mild, temperatures sometimes drop low enough to cause pipes to freeze, and this is especially true in late fall. You can insulate pipes on your own by purchasing insulation sleeves, and you can wrap your water heater tank with a specialized insulation blanket. You can also use heat tape to insulate your pipes; however, using heat tape carries dangers if used incorrectly. If you choose to insulate your pipes with heat tape, you should enlist the help of a professional plumber.

Fall plumbing problems do not have to put a damper on the fun. To make sure the plumbing in your Lincoln, NE home is ready for fall and winter festivities, contact Select Plumbing for drain cleaning along with our other quality plumbing services.