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5 Hidden Problems That Could Be Lurking in Your Sewer Line

Sewer pipes transport sewage from a home to a sewage treatment plant to ensure waste is removed from your home in an environmentally safe way. These pipes are very hard to maintain and repair since they are underground. The cost of neglecting regular maintenance could come with severe consequences, such as sewage water backup, expensive […]

Considerations for Repiping Your Home

An old pipe breaks in freezing weather

If you’re the owner of an older home, you may wonder if repiping is worth the investment. Repiping involves replacing the pipes that carry water, gas, and other materials throughout your home. This can be a significant undertaking, and it can also be quite costly. However, there are several reasons why repiping may be a […]

6 Money-Saving Plumbing Tips for Your Home

Plumber Man With Tools In the bathroom. Plumbing And Renovation

When it comes to your plumbing system, two of the most effective ways to save money are to maintain it and reduce water waste. Maintaining your home’s plumbing prevents costly emergency repairs. You can also save every month by installing low-flow fixtures. Here are five practical money-saving plumbing tips for your home. 1. Fix Leaky […]